RT Ebook Expo!

Posted on March 12, 2013 in News, Public Appearances | 0 comments

EXPOAUTHORCONTEST1Guess what! This is the very first year that I’ll be able to attend the RT Booklovers Convention!

I’ve wanted to go for several years, but things just never quite worked out. Carrie’s been (the lucky girl) but not me.

Kansas City, here I come! (Of course. It just figures that the year I can make it they’re having it in a particularly non-glamorous place. Why don’t they ever have conventions in Hawaii, huh?)

This also means that I get to participate in the eBook Expo! Woo! You know what else? IT’S MY FIRST SIGNING!!! Ever. Yeah, EVER. I’m signing primarily as Katie Porter and secondarily as Lorelie Brown. I think I’ll bring different color pens for each persona. And maybe sunglasses. I’ll put on a pair of sunglasses every time I sign a book as Katie Porter. Kinda like a disguise. #soslick Plus Carrie will be signing both as Carrie Lofty and as Katie Porter. I’m still not sure how that’ll work out. Might depend on how close together they seat us. I’ll sign Katie and she’ll sign Porter! Or something.

If you’re anywhere near Kansas City (or perhaps personally attending the convention), you should come out and meet us. Because you know you wanna meet me in person! Probably to see if I manage to talk in parenthesis the same way I abuse them when I blog.

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