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big_macSo, I’ve struggled with my weight for a long time. I know I’m not the only one–I remember a period where Shannon Stacey was trying out Weight Watchers and had a weekly update post and there was a tiny tribe of us who’d chime in. Some did better than others. I’ve had my own run in with WW. I lost close to 40lbs on it about six years ago, and it’s a really solid program. Then I gained that same weight. Lost it again about two or three years ago.

And here I go again. I’m 33 lbs down from my high last July. It’s not been easy by any means. It’s still a lot of work and a lot of dealing with the issues I’ve been carrying around for years. But you know what? It has been easier.

There’s several reasons for that. I’m surrounded by people who love and support me in healthy ways. They eat fish with me without complaining, they cook healthy things too, and they completely back me up when I get crazy stupid ideas in my head like signing up for triathlons.

In addition to that, there’s been one key difference that I think’s made a HUGE difference: I’ve nearly quit watching network television.

The only show I watch live is The Voice. Everything else that I watch is either spooled up from the day before, meaning I can easily zip by commercials, or is from Netflix. (Have you watched House of Cards? That show is AMAZINGHOLYBALLS.) If there’s a tv show going in the background, there’s no commercials. They don’t inundate my life anymore.

And I think it’s made a huge difference.

Remember the part where I said The Voice is the only thing I watch live? (It’s so much fun, btw. Like American Idol, except everyone is nice and positive and not assholes.) There’s commercials for fast food all over it. Like that Big Mac pic that Carrie oh-so-helpfully tagged in this post. 😉 There’s dunking chicken nuggets and crisp, salty fries and burgers that look so very juicy. And I want them. I want them all. I want to make analogies to a meth addict being shown a glass pipe, but part of me says that I have no experience with addiction and that’s inappropriately appropriating struggle. But the part of me that’s this very moment craving a Big Mac just because I saw a picture of one? Yeah. Feels pretty damn close to accurate.

It doesn’t go away, either. Not immediately and sometimes not for a couple days. Going out the day after I watch The Voice is dangerous because all of a sudden I’m noticing more. Noticing all the fast food places I pass and which had ads the night before and which has a new sandwich–or even worse, a new milkshake.

It makes my life so much easier to not see it. To not have that tape playing in the back of my head. I can’t say that it would work for everyone. I’ve also regained control of my day to day schedule in general. Hell, I’ve regained control of a lot of my life that I didn’t have before. So I’m not by any means saying that ditching the tv commercials has magically made all the difference…It’s just…that I’m convinced it’s made some help. And with how hard I struggle, any help is a good thing.

So the commercials are going to remain cut out from my life for a while now. Maybe forever. I don’t think I’ll miss them much.

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