Lorelie’s Weekend of Legend

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Where the bold go to die and the weak go to be eaten!

No. Wait. I think I’ve been watching too many Spartacus reruns. (Andy Whitfield’s season, of course. <3)

I can hear you already: “Stop screwing around and tell me what Weekend of Legend is, lady.” It’s an epic writing weekend, that’s what WOL2 is.  This event is brought to you by Lauren Dane, along with Jeri Smith-ReadyCarly Phillips, and the other half of Katie Porter, Carrie Lofty. All these fine ladies have deadlines to meet and projects to smack around. And what happens when authors have deadlines? They lose their minds a little bit.

The good news is that there’s prizes in it for you, the readers. Lots of prizes. Omg so many prizes.

And they’re all being given away via twitter:

Lauren Dane
Carly Philips
Carrie Lofty
Jeri Smith-Ready

Join Twitter! Follow us all. What the other ladies are giving away is naturally up to them, but I know it’s good stuff. My personal goal is 15,000 words written on a brand new book, the third in my Victorian series for next year. The contest will run between noon pacific on Friday the 7th, all the way through Sunday the 9th at midnight. (Pacific again.) At five-thousand word mile markers, I’ll give away the following prizes:

  • A copy of Came Upon a Midnight Clear, our Katie Porter christmas-themed m/m. (The one racking up all the accolades, such as RT BookReview’s December Seal of Excellence) AND an ARC of Lead and Follow, which won’t be out until January.
  • ARCs of both Wayward One  and its sequel, An Indiscreet Debutante. They won’t be out until February and May, respectively.
  • All four of Katie Porter’s “Vegas Top Guns” books. What’s that you say? There’s only three? As well as Double Down, Inside Bet and Hold ‘Em, one lucky person will also get a super sneak peek ARC of Hard Way, Dash’s book. Yup. The one that’s not out until April.
  • As my super duper, thanks for playing along Grand Prize, I’ll give away another two-pack of my new Victorian series, as well as a gift-certificate for a year’s subscription to Pandora One, the commercial-free version of Pandora Radio. Pandora fuels lots of my books–and my life! Plus you can take Pandora One to go on your smart phone. It’s awesome. (If my winner is international, I will give a financially compensatory gift certificate to the book retailer of the winner’s choice.)

My 5k increment prizes will be drawn from anyone who tweets at/with me during that writing period while using #WOL2. The grand prize will be drawn from all three days of tweets. There is a possibility of smaller prizes at irregular intervals as I finish scenes & chapters, to be decided as I go. All selection done courtesy of Random.org.

For everyone else’s details, see:

Carrie Lofty
Carly Phillips
Lauren Dane
Jeri Smith-Ready

See you there!

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