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Last year, Lauren Dane and Megan Hart had a huge amount of writing to do over a three-day period and ran a Twitter contest to help keep up their enthusiasm. They called it Weekend of Legend, because…why not?

Now it’s back! Weekend of Legend 2!

This year’s participants are Lauren Dane, Jeri Smith-Ready, Carly Phillips, and my dear co-Katie writing partner, Lorelie Brown. The timing is perfect because I have a sekrit, non-Katie project due on Monday.

Here’s the skinny:

1. This is a TWITTER contest so yes, you will need a Twitter account to play. To be entered in the contests we’ll run all weekend, you need to @ reply my Twitter name (@carrielofty) and be sure to use the #WOL2 tag so we can find each response. Using each participants’ @ name will help us separate replies to choose winners.

2. The five of us will be running random contests as well, so keep an eye on that #WOL2  hashtag! Here are all our Twitter names so you can stalk at will:

Lorelie Brown
Lauren Dane
Carly Philips
Jeri Smith-Ready

3. My goal for the weekend is 21,000 words (I write in blocks of 3,000). I’ll check in with Twitter every 3,000 words to say hi and pony up some surprises. I’ll also award one of these awesome prizes when I reach each 5,000 word mile marker:

  • A set of my Christies titles from Pocket–“A Little More Scandal,” Flawless, and Starlight–as well as my World War II romance, His Very Own Girl, in your choice of print or digital formats. NOTE: “A Little More Scandal” and His Very Own Girl are digital only, so I’ll award a price-equivalent prize if you don’t have an e-reader.
  • A $25 gift card to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or another digital book retailer. Your choice!
  • A copy of the two albums that have overtaken my playlist for this project: Halcyon by Ellie Goulding and Born to Die by Lana del Rey. You can choose CD or digital download.
  • A set of the three 2012 Katie Porter “Vegas Top Guns” titles from Samhain–Double Down, Inside Bet, and Hold ‘Em. I’ll throw in RT BookReviews‘ December Seal of Excellence selection, Came Upon a Midnight Clear, and the January kick-off to our 2013 “Club Devant” series, Lead and Follow.

A yet-to-be-determined grand prize will be awarded when I finish the book! It will probably take the form of Sephora or Starbucks…or maybe both.

4. The #WOL2 contest will run from noon pacific on Friday, December 7 through midnight pacific on Sunday, December 9. I’m on central time, so my writing schedule may be different, but I’ll never award prizes outside of these dates/times.

5. Contests are open to international entries. In the case of digital geographical limits, I’ll come up with an equitable internationally-friendly prize.

Keep an eye out the other fine ladies’ posts for possible hints about their prizes: Lorelie, Lauren, Carly, Jeri.

See you on Twitter this weekend. Good luck!

(Wish me a little luck too! Eep!)

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  1. Whoa. Good writing and Godspeed to you and Lorelie, Lauren, Carly, and Jeri! Will try to watch Twitter this weekend!

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