Vegas Top Guns



The “Vegas Top Guns” series of erotic romances features U.S. Air Force pilots from the 64th Aggressor Squadron. Set against the hot, wicked backdrop of Sin City, these uninhibited romantic partnerships explore the many forms desire can take—including role-playing, erotic power exchange, male submission, and voyeurism.


Double Down
An introverted waitress taps into her wild side during an erotic weekend with a hard-charging fighter pilot who has yet to fully embrace his role-playing fetish.


Inside Bet
A young playboy pilot with an eye for kink dares an accounting VP to reveal her fantasies, but her craving for exhibitionism and breath-play pushes even his boundaries.

Hold ‘Em
Reunited after six years, a practiced male submissive teaches a daredevil colleague to embrace her dominant side, risking both of their piloting careers.


Hard Way
After his wife demands a divorce, a frustrated fighter pilot nearly forces himself on the woman he loves, yet she’s craved his raw possessiveness for eight years. To save their marriage, they learn to trust again—including an exploration of the ultimate taboo.

Bare Knuckle
An ambitious bi-curious showgirl becomes the object of a scarred pilot’s obsession with voyeuristic sex, while tempting him to step out from behind his camera.

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