Came Upon a Midnight Clear by Katie Porter
O Come All Ye Kinky anthology featuring Katie Porter

Celebrate the Holidays with Katie Porter!

Join the festivities as Katie Porter proves that the holidays are the perfect time for erotic romance!


Came Upon a Midnight Clear: A wealthy, closeted producer and a devil-may-care stuntman are reunited on the set of an action movie set in London. How has time affected these once innocent, adoring lovers, and can a Christmas miracle save their passionate new love affair?

O Come All Ye Kinky: A charity short story anthology featuring Katie Porter, Joey Hill, L.A. Witt, Ava March, Alexa Snow, Elyan Smith, Jane Davitt, and Kim Dare!

In “Fireworks,” Rachel’s job is taking her to Tokyo, which means leaving behind her lover and submissive, Emma. When she summons Emma for one last hurrah on New Year’s Eve, Emma answers, hoping desperately to be able to break through her ma’am’s emotional barriers and find the spark of love among the glittering fireworks.