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Sleeping with the colonel’s daughter? Risky. Making her call you Sir? Reckless.

Command Force Alpha, Book 1

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Digital Release: August 26, 2014
Digital ISBN: 978-1619218826
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When a mission against the Russian mafia goes south, Colonel Stafford, head of a deep-cover ops team, wrests a hospital-bed promise from his protégé. Although eager to return to the field, Evan Sommers swears to keep the colonel’s daughter, Katsu, safe from retaliation.

The task isn’t simple for the battle-tested Marine Corps captain. Four years have passed since his secret affair with sweet, compliant Katsu. Now she’s a streetwise pool shark who refuses to obey any command.

Kat resists the need for Evan’s protective shadow, until deadly threats expose her vulnerability. Her future depends on this hardened soldier, and their sizzling dynamic reveals what Kat’s bland college dating life lacked—a man with the will and desire to tame her.

Danger creates potent, unexpected scenarios that test their sexual limits, yet a real relationship is impossible. Evan is the warrior who could be her Master, but how can she fully submit? The next mission—even the next knock on the door—could rob Kat of the man she loves.

Warning: This book contains a reformed playboy Specials Ops stud who knows how to tease, demand, and spank what he wants out of a colonel’s unruly pool shark of a daughter. Wait…how is this supposed to be a warning?


“Intense sex scenes, a robust plot and a rewarding romance. Evan proves to be a compassionate Dom who appreciates Kat’s tenacious nature.” ~ RT BookReviews, 4 Stars



Evan swept his hand behind Katsu’s head and pulled her in for a swift, soft, promising kiss. She tasted of deep sweetness that hit him as a straight shot of visceral memory. They were breathless when he backed away. He dropped his hand. Withdrew contact. The way she leaned so slightly into his space was a dead giveaway. God, did she realize how she responded to him, or how he responded to her?

Four years hadn’t changed a thing. They were still detonator meets plastique.

“When I look into your eyes, I see need.” He was glad they weren’t touching, because a fine trembling had overtaken his hands. Christ, he’d need to be a lot more restrained if was going to make her obey. “I see needs that dovetail with mine. You want order. I know you do. Tell me the truth. Some days that apartment of yours bugs the ever-lovin’ fuck out of you.”

A sheen covered her magnetic eyes. She barely nodded.

“Then why not do something about it?”

“I can’t. It’s…it’s overwhelming.” She shook her head and stared through the windowpane. Since when had she taken hold of the door handle? “I don’t know where to start. And there’s no one there… Shit. Never mind. Forget I said anything.”

“I will not, Katsu. Finish that sentence.”

The shiver that rippled across her shoulders shouldn’t have turned him on, but it did. His words affected her. His voice and his commands. Goddamn that was sexy.

“And there’s no one there to tell me I did a good job. It’s fucked up. I should be able to live the way I want to. But I can’t. Mom, so perfectly composed. Dad, Mr. Marine Corps poster boy. The quest for perfection at boarding school, with all its precise rules. Who the fuck gives a damn now?”

“I do,” he said firmly. He got out of the car and came around to meet her at the passenger side. She was barely a head taller than the roof of the long, squat Oldsmobile. “And you were right, by the way. I won’t tolerate vulgarity from you anymore. If you cuss any more, I will spank you. Bare ass. My hand. Got it?”

She rolled her eyes, but again, there was the spark of what could only be yes, please, more.

Rather than kiss her, he grabbed their bags and angled his head for Kat to follow. He trudged down eight steps that led to the basement residence.

The building also housed a coin-operated laundry, which meant the brick-sided walls were thick with industrial paint. Constant traffic in and out of the small parking lot did well to conceal comings and goings. Soon Evan would duck back out and hide the Oldsmobile around the corner for the night.

Evan used the thumbprint detector hidden behind a loose brick to open the electrified steel door. From the outside, it looked like old wood in need of some TLC. Kat raised her eyebrows. Funny thing though, the tension in her shoulders loosened. She might be pretending to shrug off Evan’s protective measures, but those same measures seemed to set her at ease.

He flicked on the light just inside the door then made his way down another six steps. The corridor was narrow and painted stark white. Once Katsu was out of the way and he dropped the bags in the small living room, he went back up to secure the door.

“It’s technically a fire hazard, isn’t it?” she said, assessing the place. “No windows.”

He met her in the living room, hands in his pockets. “Some of the best safe houses have views of concrete. Now stay put. I’m going to ditch the car. Then I have another small task to attend.”

Fifteen minutes later, Kat watched as he moved around the apartment. Her gaze was like a touch as he went from security camera to security camera…and turned all of them off. He needed to smash two. There were eight in all, even one in the bathroom. Normally he’d consider that invasion of privacy a small exchange for the protection afforded him.

Tonight, however, he didn’t want anyone to witness whatever took place between him and Kat.

“Privacy?” she asked quietly, still rooted to the avocado-green shag carpet.


“Thank you.”

“It’s not just for you.” He smiled, and it felt good. “Believe me.”


“Would you want to go into work in the morning and know everyone had seen what you were up to the night before?”

“Hell no.”

“Shall I give you a warning or–” He crossed his arms and fisted his hands beneath his armpits, trying to ignore the painful jump of adrenaline in his chest. “No, fuck it. You got your warning in the car.”

“You…” She backed up as he advanced. “You can cuss but I can’t,” she said, her words petulant.

“Don’t take another step away from me.”

She stopped, dropped her head, exhaled.

Holy shit.

Only then did Evan really take in the full extent of her body language. He dug past his damn libido and assessed her with the eyes of a man who read people for a living–among other things. She was exhausted. It showed in the slight pout around her sharp chin and the extra softness of her cheeks. In truth, he was exhausted too, which was probably why he couldn’t stop this runaway train. First, he needed a release. Maybe she did too.

“Katsu, be honest with me. Right now. This is important. Lift your head and look at me.”

She did as she was told, but her mysterious eyes were clear of the subservience he craved. She was herself. And she was ready to be serious. “Yes?”

“You’re tired. You’re scared. None of this is normal.”

“All true.”

“Do you want this?”

“What is…this, exactly?”

“I intend to own you tonight.”

She actually covered her throat with one hand, but Evan saw the tight swallow where it shifted her stubborn jaw. She never looked away. “I want this.”

“Then here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to give you the spanking you just earned yourself. Then we’re going to go get something to eat.”

“That simple?”

It wasn’t that simple, not really. Considering the break-in at Katsu’s apartment, the stakes were obviously escalating. They had to have gotten some sort of information out of Laurie for Katsu to have been found. But she needed something light to cling to. Her eyes were huge and her fingers trembled.

If Evan could give her this, it would be worth staying carefully on guard. “Do you want it to be complicated? Because I can tell you what to wear if that floats your boat.”

Her whole body jolted. Her eyes brightened until onyx burned like fire. The pout leached out of her mouth, and her dusky pink lips fell open on a silent gasp.

Evan was in serious trouble here.

He did the only thing he could. He took it out on Katsu.