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Specializing in apprehending espionage agents from around the world, Command Force Alpha is a covert team comprised of US and international special forces and select civilian operatives. Now they’re on the hunt for an ex-KGB La Femme Nikita-style bad girl—while finding time to explore their deepest desires.


OWN: Domination, submission and sensual persuasion are the risks eagerly explored by a special ops protégé and the wild-child daughter of Command Force Alpha’s stalwart leader. (Aug 26, 2014)

SNAP: Using dares and sexual power play, a spy disguised as an international news correspondent must determine the true loyalties of a CFA field agent who’s spent two years in a Moscow prison. (Sept 30, 2014)

BIND: The stern, widowed head of Command Force Alpha is put to the test by a younger woman who shares his fetish for shibari, the traditional Japanese art of rope bondage. (Oct 28, 2014)

PLAY: A glib master of disguises is partnered with a CFA agent known for her ruthlessness to infiltrate an exclusive week-long party. They’ll do anything to blend in with the rich and corrupt. Anything. (Forthcoming publication unknown.)

KNEEL: Command Force Alpha’s deadliest assassin at last captures the Russian hit-woman they’ve been doggedly pursuing, only to discover he’s the one who submits to her dominating passion. (Forthcoming publication unknown.)